Flat dies


Following a made-to-measure approach, Proden manufactures flat dies for all types of presses, including high end automatic presses like Bobst, Marumatsu, T-Series and others.

Proden utilises the latest in ejection materials and cutting rules to produce customised, high performance dies, like the patented TopMatrix® system, to the most detailed specifications.

Manufactured using state-of-the-art laser and waterjet cutting technologies, and CNC steel processing units, Proden’s flat dies are unmatched for accuracy and consistency.

Proden also manufactures high performance stripping and blanking units for auto platen presses. Developed through extensive R&D and made with laser cutting technology, these units are the benchmark for durability and performance.

At Proden, we have the craftsmanship and technologies to build custom-made cutting tools and stripping units. Our knowledge enables us to produce solutions for the most demanding applications, including die cutting foam in various densities and heights, providing honeycomb board with different thicknesses and crush patterns and converting solid boards or coroplast.

Flat die